Meerkat, pine cone, beach, tapestry, pencil – Five Word Stories

January 29, 2024 ,
[Thank you, Jenny Lisk, for gifting me the words above.] She loved sketching. Always had done. And sitting here, under... Read more

lamb, leaf, longing, likely, looks – Five Word Stories

January 19, 2024 ,
[Thank you, Olivia, for gifting me the following words: lamb, leaf, longing, likely, looks… I love you! 🫶] She closed... Read more

heart, tree, magic, ladder, sandwich – Five Word Stories

January 14, 2024 ,
Last night I remembered that I used to write stories from five or six unrelated words when I was very... Read more


January 7, 2024 , , ,
The keyboard just called me. I’m unsure why. But someone who I admire and adore – but have yet to... Read more

‘Mrs Death Misses Death’ by Salena Godden – A Review

July 31, 2022
I just finished reading Salena Godden’s ‘Mrs Death Misses Death’, and I feel utterly emotional and compelled to write down... Read more

‘Is it still ok to have cuddles?’ won in three categories at the Story Monsters Approved Awards!

May 28, 2022
Exciting news! “Is it still ok to have cuddles?” earned the seal of approval in the Picture Books, Family Matters... Read more

“Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?” and other questions children might ask in the days following the (sudden) death of a loved one – and how to answer them.

April 15, 2021 , ,
In April 2009, my 34-year old husband Martin suffered a fatal heart attack. No family history, no previous symptoms. He... Read more

(Child) Grief doesn’t go away…

February 6, 2021 ,
It is so important to remember that grief doesn’t go away. Adult grief doesn’t; child grief doesn’t. And children don’t... Read more

“Is it still okay to have cuddles?”

February 5, 2021
Sorry I’ve been so quiet – Charlie Meyer Illustration and I have been working away in the background on my... Read more

Children’s books explaining cancer – UPDATE

February 6, 2020
As you may or may not know, I have written two new children’s books. The first explains cancer and cancer... Read more