Meerkat, pine cone, beach, tapestry, pencil – Five Word Stories

January 29, 2024 ,
[Thank you, Jenny Lisk, for gifting me the words above.] She loved sketching. Always had done. And sitting here, under... Read more

lamb, leaf, longing, likely, looks – Five Word Stories

January 19, 2024 ,
[Thank you, Olivia, for gifting me the following words: lamb, leaf, longing, likely, looks… I love you! 🫶] She closed... Read more

heart, tree, magic, ladder, sandwich – Five Word Stories

January 14, 2024 ,
Last night I remembered that I used to write stories from five or six unrelated words when I was very... Read more


January 7, 2024 , , ,
The keyboard just called me. I’m unsure why. But someone who I admire and adore – but have yet to... Read more

Halloween origami pumpkin fun with folding instructions…

October 31, 2019
  I love origami, and came up with these easy-to-fold, fun origami pumpkins. Hope you love them as much as... Read more

Absolutely stunningly beautiful!

October 17, 2019
Brand eXperience Design NEXEN UniverCity “The Infinity Wall” MAY. 2019