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Elke is a creative with every fibre of her being. From early childhood on, you could find her curled up somewhere, reading, drawing, or writing stories. Now a graphic designer, children’s book author and public speaker, she comes to life when she creates – be that visual problem solving, storytelling on stage or thinking up her next book.

front covers of Is it still ok to have cuddles?, Is daddy coming back in a minute? and What happened to daddy's body?


“If a child is old enough to ask a question, they are old enough to hear the answer.”

When you are faced with having to explain the death of a loved one or a parental cancer diagnosis to young children, these books will help. They will give you the words and the confidence to speak with your children openly and honestly. Elke writes from her heart and her own personal experience, which shows in everything she does.

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Elke's TEDx talk


“You could’ve heard a pin drop…”

Gain valuable insights into why children are actually more scared of what they don't understand than they are of the truth, and be inspired by Elke's passionate, authentic and vulnerable way of telling her story. Her talk will leave you thoughtful and inspired.

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