What Happened to Daddy’s Body?

Explaining what happens after death in words very young children can understand.

“My daddy died when I was (one… two…) three years old. Today we are out in the garden. It always makes me think about my daddy because he LOVED his garden. Sometimes I wonder what happened to my daddy’s body…”

Completely honest and written in Alex’s own words, this book tells the true story of what happened in the months after his daddy died. It explains burial, cremation and spreading the ashes, as well as living after loss, using a combination of simple, yet honest language, and beautiful full colour illustrations.

To a young child, there is no difference between asking “How does an aeroplane stay in the air?” and “What happened to daddy’s body?” – they simply want to make sense of it. They have no concept of forever, and still think that death is reversible.

“What Happened to Daddy’s Body?” aims to help adults see that, while we cannot protect our children from everything, we can – and should! – help them understand. Death, sadly, is a normal part of life, and this book reminds you that it is okay to be sad, but that it’s okay to be happy, too.

“What Happened to Daddy’s Body?” was originally self-published in 2014 with the help of crowdfunding. Since 2016, it is available through Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Product details:
ISBN: 978-1-78775-646-5
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2020
Elke Barber (now Elke Thompson) and Alex Barber
Illustrated by Anna Jarvis
Paperback, 40 pages, full colour throughout, US Letter size
Language: English
£ 11.99

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