Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?

Explaining (sudden) death in words very young children can understand.

“When we were on a No Girls Allowed! holiday, my daddy’s heart stopped beating and I had to find help all by myself, but the ambulance people couldn’t fix him…”

Alex is only three when his father suddenly suffers a massive heart attack. All on his own, he manages to get help, but his beloved Daddy dies at the scene.

Based on the many difficult questions my then three-year-old son asked me, and written in his own words and from his point of view, this book explains death to very young children in an honest, yet gentle and age-appropriate way. Unfortunately dying is part of living, and this book helps children to feel less alone, and adults to find words to explain the seemingly incomprehensible.

“Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?” was originally self-published in 2012 with the help of crowdfunding, and was nominated for the prestigious CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medal for an outstanding book for children and young people in terms of both writing and illustration in 2014. Since 2016, it is available through Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Book details:
ISBN: 978-1-78592-106-3
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2016
Elke Barber (now Elke Thompson) and Alex Barber
Illustrated by Anna Jarvis
Hardback, 40 pages, full colour throughout, US Letter size
Language: English
£ 11.99

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