Is it still ok to have cuddles?

Explaining breast cancer in words very young children can understand.

“Hi, I’m Olivia, and I’m three years old. My mummy has breast cancer. She says cancer is a disease that can make you very ill. I was really scared that I might get cancer, too, if we have cuddles. But then Mummy explained everything. She says you can’t catch cancer from other people. She has to go to hospital for some special medicine and all her hair is going to fall out, and she’ll be really tired. But she hopes it will all make her better again.”

This award-winning, fully illustrated autobiographical story explains in age-appropriate language what cancer is, and what happens during chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. It was awarded the seal of approval in the Picture Books, Family Matters and Health & Wellness categories in the 2021 Story Monsters Approved Awards.

At the back of the book, psychotherapist Peter Kravitz explains how children think, and encourages honest and open conversations.

For children aged 3+.

Book details:
ISBN: 978-0-9574745-3-6
Published by Elke Thompson 2021
Elke Thompson & Charlie Meyer
Paperback, 48 pages, full colour throughout, A4 size
Language: English
£ 11.99


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