*elke / ɛlkə / feminine given name;
origin: Low German & East Frisian

This is me Elke Thompson

Young widow, mum, step mum and granny, breast cancer survivor, lover of children’s books and all things childish, graphic designer, author and public speaker.

About me


“If a child is old enough to ask a question, they are old enough to hear the answer.”

I write children’s books explaining difficult subjects like death in a gentle, yet honest way, using language very young children can understand. All my books are written from my own personal experience, and from my heart.

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“You could’ve heard a pin drop…”

I deliver powerful insights into the importance of being honest with children, building resilience, child grief, living after loss, cancer, and following your dreams. Speaking from the heart and from personal experience, my presentations are thought-provoking, emotional, authentic and impactful.

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