Poetry Slam – “Perfection doesn’t exist…”


Perfection doesn’t exist

No matter how much you persist,

There will always be that thing

That’s not quite right


The wrinkle in the wrong place

The spot on your face,

That horrible thing

That made you so sad.

The year has barely started,

But you’ve already had enough.


Let me tell you something

Life is messy

But it’s also amazing

So go, all guns blazing,

And feel it all

Be sad

And cry

And be mad,

But don’t try

To be perfect,

For it cannot be done.


Instead, have some fun,

And smile,

And be messy,

And laugh,

And hug

And feel life’s buzz,

Because, you know what,

Perfection doesn’t exist,

But happiness



Elke Thompson, 6/1/22


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