fuel HC

This client approached me looking for a dynamic, clean new brand for a number of Health Guides they are due to publish, which cover a multitude of topics – from joint pain to pregnancy to weight loss and weight gain. They already work within the health and fitness industry, and their target group are mainly the over 35s, both male and female, who have already noticed first health niggles and want to nip this in the bud while they still can.

Their brand ‘fuel HC – Health Concepts’ had to immediately stand out in a crowded market place and instantly convey the concepts of feeling energised and recharged. My solution is a typographic one, connecting hand-drawn lower case letters, thereby conveying a fluidity, which is further supported by the powerful gradient from blue to lime.

My branding solution for each cover of their health guides was to feature the actual – stylised and hand-drawn – fingerprint of the creator behind the first letter of each guide’s main topic. Used boldly in conjunction with a stark black and a secondary bright colour, this makes each guide immediately recognisable as part of the unique fuel HC brand.