Poetry Slam: “Oh, Hello Demons…”


Oh hello demons,

You’ve come out to play­­,

Shouting abuse in my head,

Trying to make me crumble and go back to bed

With such old beliefs as:

“You’re ugly, not good enough,

You’ll never be anything”,

But, do you know what?

Not today.


Today I say no.

Today I fight back.

Today I remind myself that I AM good enough.

That my thoughts are just thoughts,

That they are not true

unless I allow them to be as big as YOU

want them to be.


But I won’t.

Not today.

Today I’ll refocus

I’ll remind myself that my path is unique,

That I am well on my way,

And that, if I believe,

I can be anything I want to be.

Because I am the creator

Of my very own me.


And I will look in the mirror,

Give myself a high five,

And get on with living my best authentic life.


Elke Thompson, 15th June 2022

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